Terms and Conditions

While accessing the services of our website http://www.goldnstone.com/, affirms an unconditional agreement to bound by these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, which is subjected to your continued compliance with these terms. The below mentioned Terms and Conditions is applicable for both authorized users as well as unauthorized users. We reserve all the rights to make any amendments in Terms & Conditions, and Privacy Policy at any time. The newly revised Terms & Conditions will supersede all the formerly declared Terms and Conditions. So we request our users to regularly view the Terms and Conditions and acknowledge their responsibility.

Website Registration

For a free flowing transaction, prior to any purchase the customers are required to get themselves registered on the website. This one time registration process requires the users to provide some of their Personal Information and select a password. Once they are registered, they need to sign into their account prior to any purchase. The details required will be as:
•    Email ID (this will also be their user name)
•    Password (which is not their email ID password)
•    First Name
•    Last Name
•    Contact Address
•    City
•    State
•    Country
•    Pin Code
•    Contact Mobile Number

The users can also login through other options like Facebook or Google Account directly, instead of going for the above mentioned registration process.


The Names, Logos, Designs, Images and Trademarks (collectively considered as "trademarks") displayed on this website are owned by the Website owner and are registered and unregistered trademarks. Any content or trademarks on the website should not be interpreted or reused without prior consent or written permission from the website owner. The right to grant license or use of the trademark is solely borne by the website owner.

Customers are requested to register first (As per the ‘Registration’ policy). In case a purchase is required to be made by a registered member, they can perform any of the following:

•    Select the desired item and add it directly to the shopping cart.
•    Customize the item (as per customization guidelines or the options available on the site) and then add it to the shopping cart.
•    Select multiple items available on the Website and then add them all to the shopping cart.
•    Call one of our consultants directly as per the details provided on the “Contact Us” page for assistance in placing the order. Alternatively, the customer can fill the enquiry form on the “Contact Us” page and submit the queries. One of the consultants will contact the customer via phone / fax / email and get the queries resolved.

Only authorized and registered users (members) are allowed to make any kind of purchase online. If there is a visiting or first time user and wants to make any purchase, he / she is required to get registered as per the “Registration” policy after adding the items to the shopping cart. The authorized members have a mandate to provide other information that is required under the court of law at the time of purchase. Such information (like PAN, address, etc.) will be covered as per the privacy policy.

Once the payment is received by the company, he order will be considered as complete. The Company is authorized to make random calls to the registered customers (who have placed an active order online) to confirm their ordered items. Once the verification iscomplete, only then the Company will disclose the requested details or any other important information about the order.

The Company holds full rights to cancel the order in case the bank rejects the payment for the transaction without any kind of liability.


The prices for the jewellery sold on the website is calculated using the current precious metal and gem prices. The company holds complete authority to change these prices without any prior notice depending on the fluctuations in the prices of precious metals and gemstones. GoldnStone will charge only the price of the merchandise that was prevailing at the time the order was placed.


We as a company give flexibility to our customers for making payments and therefore there are numerous options available on the site for payment on the purchases made. The options available are as:

Offline Payment: The authorized members can order the items online and can opt for an offline payment. In such a situation the member has to contact our consultant and confirm the payment details. If the order is placed via phone, a Demand Draft or a cheque (on the company’s name) has to be received by the company within 7 days of the date of purchase.

Online Payment: The authorized members can make the payment via credit or debit card or via net baking option available on the website.

Once the payment is received by the company; the order will be dispatched at the address provided. In case the item ordered by our esteemedmembersruns out of stock after the payment is made;being a customer centric Company we will refund the received amount to the member through the same mode the payment was made.

Conflict of Terms
In case of any contradictions or conflict faced by the customer between any of the following:
•    Website or any other linked Terms and Conditions
•    Notices or the policies – on the whole or specifically related to a particular section
The provisions provided on the website will succeed over those in relation to the usage of the customer for a particular section on the website.

Any of the provisions on the website relating to the terms and conditions, notices and / or policies, which becomes as cannot be enforced under any jurisdiction for the reasons:
•    Due to being void
•    Invalid
•    Illegal
•    Unlawful or for any other reason applicable by, such jurisdiction only,
Will be treated as voided to the extent of that jurisdiction only and the remaining provisions will be deemed enforced at the same level as they are in other jurisdictions.

Applicability of certain laws (choice of venue and forum)
As per the laws of the state of Rajasthan, this website will be governed, regardless of any law that is applicable under the principles of the conflict of law. The parties involved should agree that the courts are located in India, the state of Rajasthan will have exclusive jurisdiction over all the legal affairs or the controversies that have arisen due to and as per this agreement and should agree that the forum and venue is proper in those courts.