Return and Money Back

We at GoldnStone value your emotions attached to each jewellery item. So we are fully committed ensuring the quality of each product on our website along with great care taken in the fabrication of the products. We strive for complete satisfaction of our customer, still if due to any reason you are not delighted with your online purchase, you can look upon for our various below mentioned policies. With the following moneyback and exchange policies we make your jewellery purchasing stress free.

Buy Back
This policy is in regards to the Solitaire Diamond Jewellery. In case you wish to sell such Jewellery during the lifetime we offer you a price that is 80% of the market value (less the labour charges, if any). The conditions to buy back this kind of a Jewellery are:

•    The Jewellery item that was customised on the request of the customer cannot be returned or claimed under this policy.
•    The Jewellery should be undamaged, that is all gemstones and metal that were present at the time of first sale should be present as it is.
•    Once the returned jewellery is received, our quality assurance department will check for wear and tear. Once assured by them the claimed amount will be paid to the customer.
•    All the jewellery items purchased from GoldnStone come with a complimentary 30 day return policy under various provisions.
•    The customer needs to ensure that all documents, including invoice and certificates accompany the jewellery item at the time of return.
•    In case the relevant documents are not provided, we will send the diamond jewellery to Diamond Grading (accredited) lab for recertification. The shipping, certification and handling cost in this case will be borne by the customer.
•    As per the regulations enforced by the Government of India, all money back transactions attract a Value Added Tax GST at 3%.
•    The payments will be accelerated only if our quality assurance team confirms the quality. The refund will be completed through a cheque (account payee) within 15 days of quality certification with all required documents.
•    GoldnStone reserves the right to amend the price of exchange based on the examination of the quality assurance team.
•    In the event of exchange of Jewellery item, the customer will be required to pay the difference amount (between old and new product computed value).

For any further support and guidance you can consult with our diligent Customer Delight Team at +91-90015-99858 or write to and we will provide the required assistance within 24 hours.

30 Day Exchange Policy

If for any reason you decide to exchange your order purchased from us, we at GoldnStone offer 30 Days No Question Asked Exchange Policy. We enable you to swap your purchased product with a new one on full invoice value, within 30 days from Date of Purchase. 
•    All the genuine documents, invoice and certificates required for exchange should be accompanied with the product to be swapped.   And in case you the original documents are missing, we send the diamond to accredited Diamond Grading Lab examination and rectification of its originality. The shipping cost in this case will be borne by the customer.
•    We offer complimentary delivery and shipment of the exchange of products within 30 days of purchase.

100% Refund

Our 30-day No Questions asked Cash back Policy gives you time to get sure your purchase is ideal. If you must return it for just about any reason, we'll happily provide you with 100% full return or exchange and we'll also pay for the return shipping from side to side.

The refund process would be intitated on recepit of the Jewellery  and a prelimary inspection for damage/wear-tear if any , and the refund would be than be made in 10 Business days through Online Transfer to customers Bank account.


Lifelong Exchange    

We provide a Lifetime Exchange Scheme which means that you can can exchange your jewellery event after 30 days of purchase. But the jewellery product bought should be intact with no alterations to the original piece. GoldnStone reserves full right to determine the exchange price of the product, based on the assessment of the product by our quality team. We are always available for our customers, with our  customer diligent team at +91-90015-99858 or you can write to our customer service at You can exchange your jewellery item at any point of time with the following conditions. 
•    Jewellery products comprising of studded diamonds are exchanged at 80% of current market price*.
•    Jewellery containing studded gemstones is exchanged at 70% of current market rate*.
•    The Solitaire Diamonds are exchanged at 90% of current market value*.

*The current market value is the prevailing market price and will be determined by GoldnStone.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of a order can be done with-in 1 hour after the order is placed.In such a case the refund would be made in 10 business days through Online Transfer to customers Bank account.