We at GoldnStone provide each piece of jewellery certified by well-known gemological Laboratories. The certificate clearly discloses the authenticity of our products, reassuring our customers for the quality, and natural gemological makeup of these rare stones. GoldnStone prides itself on the wide and exclusive range of jewellery products, attested to the quality and authenticity. 

Our various Jewellery Certifications:

GIA -  www.giaindia.in
Each and every piece of diamond sold by us is certified by the Gemological Institute of America abbreviated as (GIA). GIA is one of the largest and the oldest laboratories for diamonds and pearls, established in the year 1931.  GIA safeguards the interests of buyers and sellers across the globe, thus ensuring the quality and standards of diamonds. GIA developed the 4C’s (Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut) concept which became the crucial parameters, to select the jewellery and gems information both for public as well as trading purpose.  GIA provides a comprehensive report which ensures the quality of diamonds and provides precise details of the diamonds to the buyer and consumer.


IGI -  www.igiworldwide.com
International Gemological Institute (IGI) is globally known for their expert and impartial grading of gemstones and diamonds. IGI empowers the buyers with the complete assurance of quality of diamonds and gemstones, by providing comprehensive, detailed documents and analysis report. IGI presents the very important 5th C that is Confidence amongst the buyers and consumers related to the authenticity of the precious stones. IGI builds the confidence and standards for all the gemstone and diamond traders and consumers all around the world.


HKD - www.hkdlab.ca

HKD Diamond Laboratories established their first three laboratories in the leading trading centre of diamonds and gemstones in Toronto, Canada, in the year 1990. Over the past fifteen years, HKD have become the globally known company in providing the diamond, gemstones and jewellery dossiers along with highly analysed reports. HKD has the highly professional and well trained staff from GIA and thus provides the most trustworthy and secure gemological facilities to jewellery traders, retailers and manufacturers. The reports generated by HKD are adapting to the ever changing market, HKD also provides certificate for authenticity of jewellery. The digitized imaging technology, holograms and unique identification number checks any type alteration with these documents.

SGL - www.solitaire-labs

A Gemmological testing institute Setup only to test and certify the best Solitaire Diamonds is the Solitaire Gemmological Laboratories Limited. It is an international organisation with testing centres set up in London (International Centre), Jaipur, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Coimbatore and Thrissur (India Centre). SGL is among the best certification, independent institutes and are also part of various researches happening worldwide to develop better testing standards day by day. The certifications given by this lab ensure that the diamond owned by you is of top quality and is authentically solitaire. The retailers of solitaire jewellery if certified with SGL, implies that they are authentic and reliable in regards to such jewellery.

BIS Hallmark - www.bis.org.in
Indian government procured the cognizance and realized the necessity of protecting the public purchasing gold and silver jewellery with respect to fineness of the metal and prevention of any type of adulteration. BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) hallmarking operates under the BIS Act, Rules and regulations and has been aligned with the international standards of hallmarking. Hallmarking is the accurate determination and a complete recording of the proportional content of the precious metal in the gold. BIS hallmarking certifies the purity and the fine quality of the gold jewellery.