About Us

GoldnStone Inc. is an organization which is run by a team of young business professionals who have inherited the Jewellery business from their elders in the family. The family has been in this business for the last 70 years, with their main establishment in the Rose Pink City of Jaipur, which is globally famous for the trade in precious gemstones and ethnic Jewellery. Gradually over the years, due to their specialization in the ethnic Jewellery, and the regular patronage that they received from the clients, This organization has become a major player in this trade of gems and Jewellery.

Equipped with modern machinery and backed by a dedicated team of designers and master craftsmen, GoldnStone , offers an abundance of Jewellery designs to suit the requirements of its valued customers.

Having an inspiration to bring about a revolution in the world of gems and Jewellery, this organization has now moved a step further, and now in order to meet the challenges of the global market,GoldnStone has now provided an online portal on their website. With this portal in operation, more convenience comes to your fingertips which you desire. The customers who wish to have a Jewellery ornament which is a little more unique, exotic and traditional at the same time with an expert touch of ethnicity, can now get it customized to suit the requirements and budget. They can now place their orders for the desired Jewellery 24x7 from anywhere in the world. Bespoke Jewellery has become the forte of the GoldnStone which is designed and crafted to last a lifetime and products are undoubtedly the owners Pride.


Introduction to the Core Team


Saurabh Jain

He is the main Architect of new designs in the field of Gemology. A Graduate from the Gemological Institute of America, he is also an experienced Valuator for precious coloured stones. His post-graduation in Business Administration has made him become an enthusiastic Entrepreneur, who is taking the legacy of his 70 year old family business forward.

Keshav Jakhotia

He is a specialist in business development and is always in a lookout for opportunities to introduce new innovative and technologically viable methods to the field of gemstone crafting and Jewellery designing. A post-graduate in Business Administration, he looks after the IT operations of ‘Gold n Stone Inc’.

Prakhar Garg

A personality who is always determined to accept all challenges in the field of Gemology, he is one of the leading manufacturer of precious stones in Jaipur. A post graduate in Business Management, his inclination for timeliness and 100% quality control has made him become a successful businessman.