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There is no defined guideline for office wear jewellery. However, simple and sophisticated pendants are always a preferred choice for everyday office style. While most women are reserved to pearls and diamonds, our collection of work wear pendants can offer a wide assortment to break the monotony. You don't have to be overly dressed to bring fun and colours to your style. Dainty pendants like those in GoldnStone collection are perfect to dress bold and stylish yet elegant and formal.


Our designs include everything from vintage to modern. There are classic gemstone pendants and nature inspired pieces for a timeless look, and then there are pieces with more personalized appeal such as zodiac pendants and initial pendants. Whether you like a signature piece or love to refresh your office style more often, our collection will surely delight you.


Moreover, they also make a smart and sensible gift choice for a loved one. If you need a modular pendant that looks professional yet speaks for your love, then check out those hearts and knots along with charms. With our lovely neckpieces in all the possible gemstone patters, twists, cuts and curves, it is easy and fun to switch from work to after hours.

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