Two Tone Rings

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According to experts, mixing precious metals is one of the popular engagement and wedding ring trends of today. Vintage rings used to feature a combination of two different metals such as yellow gold with rose gold or white gold. The style may fade off for some time but it was never out of the market. Moreover, with the emergence of vintage trends and increasing popularity of abstract styles, two-tone gold rings are more popular than ever.

If you can't decide which color metal to wear, we suggest you to opt for a couple of them. Our selection of two-tone rings boasts a magnificent range of mixed metal options studded with diamonds. The awe-inspiring designs give any style an added touch of elegance. It is even the most discerning of options for many brides-to-be because it adds more depth and interest to their jewellery, giving a unique and subtle look. Moreover, a thoughtful combination such as rose gold with white gold makes a perfect combination with all outfits, for all occasions. Thus, giving the wearer best value for their money.

At GoldnStone, the possibilities of getting captivating two-tone rings are endless. A floral white and yellow gold ring with sparkling diamond is an adorable birthday gift while those tantalizing rose gold bands with criss cross diamond setting are exceptional as a wedding band or an anniversary surprise. Our two-tone gold rings also serve as promising engagement ring enhancers and stackable pieces. Two-tone jewellery is certainly a must to try. If you are not sure how it will look, starting with a couple of rings is indeed a good idea.

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