The Rebellious Ballet

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The Rebellious Ballet is a reflection of a real woman. Crafted from precious metal and finely decorated with coloured gemstones, our ballerina dolls express the joy of being a woman. Every piece gives a message to stay free and classy; to move effortlessly, and to remain stylish and poise in all walks of life.

Why Ballerina

On stage or off stage, ballerinas always look graceful and elegant. A skilled ballerina perfectly knows how to control even the slightest movement. She can perform the most complicated steps with ease and has an amazing power to spellbind the onlookers. Thus, she is a perfect emblem of womanhood.

While jewellery is an integral part of a woman's collection, GoldnStone wanted a unique collection that exclusively speaks of the many facets of woman. And the ballerina dolls are the most appropriate choice to pay our tribute to the beautiful and strongest creation of God.

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