Single Line Bangles

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Bangles are traditional wrist accessories. If gold bangles are classics, single line gemstone pieces with their everlasting glory aren't the one to go out of fashion at any point! Typically, this style features gemstones set in single line. The thickness may vary but the style remains same.

Our exquisitely designed pieces are a tasteful accessory to add a touch of finesse and class to your hands. Moreover, they also make a brilliant gift choice to pamper a loved one.

If you are looking for an arm candy that always stays in front of your wardrobe, then look for our collection of gemstone bangles in single line style. This exorbitant collection covers everything, so you should not have to wonder if there is something more. The perfectly matched gemstones in this collection are carefully handset in various settings from classic bezel to modified prong, channel and pave.

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