Ruby Bangles

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Ruby, the king of gemstones is perfect when you desire to look elegant, luxurious and stunning. In different sizes, shapes and shades, the gemstone makes our collection of fine gold bangles aristocratic. Whether you want an extravagant piece or a subtle one, the collection of ruby bangles at GoldnStone has everything. From sleek channel set pieces to ornate ones featuring high quality gemstone in intricate settings, we have a selection of best-in-class ruby bangles.

Every piece is carefully handcrafted to ensure you get the best of arm accessories that reflect your unique style, passion for jewellery and elite taste. The collection includes traditional bangles as well as classic to contemporary designs, all richly decorated to add flairs of sophistication, smartness and everlasting glory to your look.

Rubies signify eternal love, passion and everlasting beauty. They, being the birthstone for July and anniversary stone for 15th and 40th anniversaries, make a remarkable gift. However, these bangles are so gorgeous that you should not wait for any special occasion. Instead, get them to create a moment she will never forget.

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