Round bangles

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If a set of traditional bangles with a touch of simplicity and elegance is what is in your mind, then look no further! The house of Goldnstone presents you with an enormous collection of round bangles designed to perfection. The precious metal never looked better before, with the artistic strokes created by our skilled artisans.

Our collection features round bangles in a variety of designs and styles highlighting the hidden beauty of perfectly matched diamonds, and elegance of glorious colour stones. Be it a casual daily wear or the most important day of your life, our pieces flaunt with radiance. You can choose anything from dainty solid bangles to hallow pieces, thin bangles for stacking and bangle bracelets to name a few. Choices are limitless.

Make sure your wrist will have all the fun by choosing from our precious collection of most popular wrist accessory styles! With designs such as flowers, knots and hearts in an eternal setting, every piece is special and calls for action.

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