Regal Attire

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Let your style senses feel the warmth and brilliance of exceptional quality cocktail rings that bring with them the imperial grace, elegance and attitude every woman dreams. With handpicked emeralds and diamonds combined in a range of exciting and extraordinary designs, the 'Regal Attire' collection at GoldnStone breathes incomparable glamour into your most precious moments.

The collection has many surprising elements - impeccable designs, high valued gemstones and an unbelievable price tag. From vintage inspiration to modern interpretation carved out of precious metal and decorated with radiant gems,this high jewellery collection makes you sparkle in the most outstanding way.

While high end jewellery is a common thing for royalty and celebrities, it is constantly gaining momentum amongst fashionistas and jewellery enthusiasts. Finding bank breaking luxury pieces is easy but buying premium jewellery at a regular value is a surprise. But we have made it a reality as our collection lets you can enjoy the red carpet perfection at the cost of fine jewellery.

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