Peridot Pendants

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Peridot Pendant Collection

Whether you celebrate your birthday in August, love the vibrant shades of green or want a unique piece of jewellery that can bring instant glamour to your style, our peridot pendants are apt for you.

About Peridot

The olive green gemstone is a birthstone for August. Often referred as 'evening emerald' for their lustrous glow at night, the gem in every manner symbolizes the refreshing transition from summer to autumn.  First found in ancient Egypt, peridot is a popular and sacred stone in various other cultures. This translucent gem is strongly associated with warmth, happiness, love and truth.

Peridot Pendants

The collection at GoldnStone offers an exclusive selection of finely crafted pieces exhibiting natural peridots in captivating settings. Choose from floral pieces, religious adornments or intricately designed pendants, we have many options for a 'wow' expression. Each piece in the collection is as graceful and pretty as you. Thus, they make a beautiful compliment that will remain in the front row of your exotic collection.

However, this lovely green gem is a zodiac stone of Leo and anniversary gem for 16th wedding anniversary; it is an admirable and everlasting gift choice to celebrate any precious moment of life.

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