Peacock Pendants

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Do you know Peacock is a symbol of nobility, holiness and timeless beauty? This bird of heaven has been a center of tell tales for centuries, and it has always been a great source of inspiration for artisans to create wonderful jewellery. Everything associated with this spiritual bird has a meaning. In fact, peacock inspired pendants are considered one of the most captivating jewels to symbolize eternal splendor and brilliance.

Our collection of Peacock Pendants is also inspired by the magnificence and divinity of this royal bird. The artisans at GoldnStone have created few signature pendants with peacock motifs you can't stop admiring. In fact, you would want to flaunt them all. Elaborative, exclusive and eternal, these pendants are above ordinary.

The collection highlights the bird motifs in most exquisite forms - dancing mayura, mayura with open feathers or even feather motifs, all decorated thoughtfully with brilliant diamonds and gemstones in most alluring manner. Therefore, when you want to complete your noble look, choose one of our peacock style pendants and leave others envious with your regal choice. They also make a splendid choice for a significant gift.

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