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Whether you believe in symbols or just like to admire the beauty of nature in every manner, you will love our Mayura collection. With an enchanting combination of colours, designs and patterns, every piece in this collection reflects royalty, grace and beauty. While most pieces feature peacock carved out in unique forms, there is a range of items inspired by peacock feathers, the exceptional colour combination and the famous 'peacock dance' theme.

Every piece personifies the eternal beauty of the creature in the most brilliant manner possible. Delicate and divine, the pieces in this collection are the conversation starters. Choose anything from signature rings to extraordinary pendants and spectacular earrings to create an imperial and jaw dropping look.

Why choose Peacock Jewellery?

Peacock is considered a holy bird in Indian culture. However, you will be surprised to find that it is equally popular in other parts of the world. While the bird signifies patience, kindness, compassion, benevolence and luck in Hinduism, it represents immortality and renewal in Christianity.

Moreover, this beautiful bird symbolizes freedom to live. It can soar in the sky, swim in the sea and roam on earth. Due to this, many thinkers believe peacock connects heaven and earth.

The spiritual significance along with exceptional beauty made this bird a great source of designer inspiration. From jewels of Indian royalty to the devotional piece, you can find peacock everywhere. This beautiful creature has highly influenced the fashion worldwide. Spiritual, traditional or trendy, our collection of peacock-inspired jewellery is perfect for all.

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