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Her first piece of jewellery, a gift for special celebration or some sparkle to compliment that angelic smile, our selection of jewellery for kids is fantastic to make their world brighter and more colourful.

Kid's jewellery is not a new trend. It has been an integral part of Indian custom. However, in recent times, classy and fun jewellery has been more popular.

Considering the change, we have created a collection entirely for the little bundles of joy. The kid's jewellery at GoldnStone includes cute pendants and petite studs in different shapes, decorated with colored stones for a remarkable look. There are pretty dancing dolls, ice-cream cones, dazzling stars and more to choose a special adornment for your little princess. She will love them to the moon and back. Moreover, the designs are cool enough to be worn as a grown up. That means they will always remain in the front line of her collection.

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