Jhumki Earrings

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Jhumka earrings are one of the most popular adornments of Indian Civilization since its inception. Its been in fashion in every era and in all the different cultures of India due to its wide range of intricate and culture specific designs that adds elegance and timeless classy touch to one’s persona.

The dingling set of jhumkas turn every head wherever you go. Wear a saree, anarkali or straight suit and pair it up with classy jhumkas available in many designs and patterns along with gemstones and diamonds adding color and sparkle to your appearance. One can also pair it with indo western or Patiala to have a bohemian look. 

Not only in India, they are gaining fame and attention from brides across globe. Who love to look exquisite and different from all others.

Jhumkas are eloquent large size chandelier earrings in conical/bell shape. In modern era of fashion and cult jewelery, we have given the traditional yellow gold jhumkas of intricate filigree work a beautiful twist while maintaining its ethnicity, be it a Floral Diamond jhumki or the Factive Diamond Jhumka earring. You can also choose jhumkas with vibrant red and green colors thereby creating a style statement. Gemstone jhumkas are more fascinating and can be matched with the color of your attire.The flector jhumki earring with green droplet and fan shapped hoop design will give make you stand out of the crowd.

Jhumkas have gained premium shelf in every women’s wardrobe. A must have for brides and classy ladies.
These exquisite jhumkas can be a part of your attire at festivals and marriages. One can gift them to their mother and wives as they bring joy to them and for you it serves as an investment.

Various regions of India have customized its shape, size and design according to their cultures- Kashmiri jhumkas are very popular among fashion divas as they are elongated and encrusted with vibrant gemstones and diamonds with small droplets of gold and pearls at the end while having a drop in the center as an option. These are the heaviest and the prettiest. They also include peacock designs which are in huge demand since the Nizam rule. However modern jewellery have made it light in weight so as to make it easy to wear and handle retaining its charm.

Most of the enameled, in other terms ‘meenakari’ jhumkis comes from Rajasthan. These Jhumkis are made up of yellow gold enamel and diamonds. Very handy and perfect for those who are very color conscious and like to match their opulent with their attire. However these jhumkis were emerged out of ‘Karnaphool’ earrings of Rajasthan culture so these jhumkis in modern flair are embedded with vivacious gemstones.

South Indian Jhumkis belong to the family of temple jewelry. These make more use of red and green gemstones to possess its tradition.They are considered to bring good fortune and are worn during auspicious occasions.

Now that you have got some brief introspective of these exotic jhumkis, evaluate and pick a pair of stunning jhumkis from our finest niche collection and look gorgeous.


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