Hoop Earrings

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One of the most popular trends evolved in 60s was hoop earrings. While in the disco era, it was a simple circular metal wire in, hoops are now available in a range of designs and sizes. From classic gold circles to heavily embellished pieces with abstract designs, there are infinite options available. Moreover, if you think this quintessential accessory is short lived, rethink. The experts predict that this once a chunky fashion accessory will remain a wardrobe must have for upcoming years.

The collection of hoops at GoldnStone has all the glitter and gold with balance style to ensure you get a versatile piece that suits all your fashion needs. Depending on how you style them, these classy earrings in different settings, are perfect to compliment everything from street style to office look without being overdone.

A celebrity favorite, hoops are not necessarily had to be large and chunky. You can ditch shoulder-grazing hoops for petite diamond huggies and J-hoops. The hoops with drops are another featured attraction of this collection. You can choose from solid gold motifs to diamond studded stars and caged pearls to name a few. Whatever design you choose, they effortlessly work with any outfit and thus prove a timeless choice for anyone and everyone.

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