Heart pendants

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Heart pendants are the perfect expression of love. Precious jewellery is one of the most inspired art forms that have been using this eternal charm to help people express the unspoken emotions. Moreover, they are perfect option to start or enhance any exclusive jewellery collection.

Whether you need a gift to show your feelings, a timeless accessory to express your gratitude or a classic adornment for you, heart pendants at GoldnStone in precious metal, diamonds and variety of gemstones are perfect to pick.

We know love talks in signs and symbols, therefore our designers have created these necklaces using some of the magical symbols such as journey style, infinity knots, initials with whimsical curves, twin hearts, and pendants with diamond studded open frame, ribbons, bows and more. Choose a piece that best expresses your story and style. These pendants have a special appeal just to ease your transit from day to night. That means they are simple for everyday styling yet stunning for a special occasion. 

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