Halo pendants

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The halo trend: you have heard of it and seen it quite a lot around. It is one of the hottest jewellery styles of the time and the reasons are genuine. A dynamic style that features a brilliant diamond halo encircling the center diamond or gemstone brings almost everything on the table. Big splash, exotic look, vintage detailing, a celebrity feel and timeless appeal, all in a budget you prefer. Technically, halo is a setting where smaller diamonds are set along the center gem in prong, pave or micro pave to get light reflected to the center gem for an illusion of a bigger stone. It also firmly secures the valuable piece and gives your jewellery a distinctive look.

While halo engagement rings have been the center of conversations for many years, these days, diamond halo pendants are the talk of every fashion group. If you have been drawn to the exotic pieces celebrities have been sporting on red carpets and streets alike, then you know how halo pendants are making people crazy.

With halos in multiple shapes, sizes and settings, the exquisite collection of halo pendants at GoldnStone is truly captivating. You can choose a typical vintage style piece with large pear sapphire, ruby or emerald in bold diamond halo, or pick any of the contemporary styles for a modern appeal. Bezel frame, pave set, double halo or floral style, our collection has different types of this vintage look for a more personalized touch.

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