Floral Pendants

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Whether you like to go big and bold with an avant-garde jewellery piece, or want to keep your style simple with a fine touch of sophistication, consider exquisitely crafted floral pendants from GoldnStone. Believe us; these vibrant and colourful beauties are lovely to enjoy springtime throughout the year.

Floral jewellery trend has been around for many years; however, experts predict that it will be in full bloom in upcoming years. That means it is a perfect time to invest in some serious flower power. Our collection exhibits a range of glamorous, chic, traditional, modern and exuberant flower patterns carved out of precious metal and studded with finest diamonds and colored gemstones. Every pendant in this collection has a remarkable feminine appeal with a fun and fashionable style, making it an unstrained piece of jewellery to cherish forever.

A favoured bridal accessory, they also make a significant anniversary or birthday gift. And when you want to embrace the earth's bounty, don't wait for anyone to get them for you. Shop your favourites for a special occasion or create the one when you wear them.

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