Five Stone Rings

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A glamorous piece for those who admire premium craftsmanship.  A ring embedded with five brilliant cut diamonds set in an equal row or showcasing a center solitaire with two smaller supporting side stones on both sides of the solitaire.

Encapsulating the romance of rose gold, yellow gold ,white gold, or platinum precious metal ring, Five stone ring is covered with the diamonds of particular cut, clarity and color to match your taste and budget. Each 5 stone ring can be customized with stones of different carat weights, types of metals and different shapes along with the setting styles you prefer. 

These five diamonds symbolizes the five stages of your relationship: - 


It can be worn as a splendid engagement ring or can be gifted on a child’s birth. One can also gift it on fifth anniversary representing five years of marriage.

Five stone ring is also gaining popularity among men too. However bar setting or bezel settled ring is ideal for men.

Whereas the most common type of setting style is a four prong setting in which the diamonds are secured by prongs allowing them to reflect a good deal of light and hence enhancing the dazzling effect of you beautiful ring . To enhance this avid effect more the center stone is sometimes raised above the shank highlighting your solitaire. Other variant settings include V-prong setting used for marquise and pear shape diamonds to protect the edges from chipping. In a channel setting, diamonds are set between two strips of metal that holds them in place.


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