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The Exclusive Pendant Collection at GoldnStone features stunning work of art brought to life in impeccable manner. A token of luck, a style statement or a celebration of grandeur, the playful and lively pieces in our collection are perfect to feel like a queen.

The collection exhibits unparalleled designs masterfully carved out of precious gold. Vintage, estate or antique, whatever era you love the most - our artisans, these awe-inspiring pendants, have brought them back to life. Moreover, the brilliant diamonds and colored gemstones further intensify the glory while adding a touch of luxury to captivate the most demanding woman.

With this exotic collection, feel and flaunt nature like never before. From floral pendants to pieces featuring peacock motifs and other elements of nature, there is so much to mesmerize you. Whether you are a minimalist, an art lover or a jewellery enthusiast, our selection of luxury pendants has something to sooth the jewellery desires of every woman. Moreover, with all the brilliance and beauty, each piece makes an heirloom for future generations.

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