Engagement rings

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Wedding rings are a sign of fidelity and love of the person who offers it to the other person. They represent faithfulness, love and commitment of your partner in you. They may be made with precious gemstones or metal like silver, gold, palladium, sterling or platinum depending on the budget of the couple.

There is a huge variety of these bands which are available. The settings which are available for these bands include 5 stone channel setting, stackable setting, cluster setting, halo setting, 2 stone setting, etc. The shape may vary from round, oval, square, pear or heart.

However, the traditional style of these bands is the simple gold bands. You would find vintage, modern or classic styles of wedding rings. These bands symbolise devotion, affection and a consensus between two families. They have always been significant since the ancient civilisations till date due to their symbolic perfection and wholeness.

The circle of the bands depicts eternity. It has no particular end or beginning and that is why it is a sign of infinity. It is worn on 4th finger of the hand. The reason behind this theory is that this finger’s vein leads to the heart of the wearer.

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