Enamel Coloration

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No jewellery collection is complete without a couple of enameled pieces. Understanding the need of every jewellery lover, GoldnStone created this vitreous collection of modern enameled accessories. With this playful selection, we have re-defined the art of enameling. As you browse through 'Enamel Coloration', you will experience simple yet subtle floral pieces exhibiting most striking colour combinations ever seen in enamel jewellery.

Traditionally, enameling or Meenakari is an age-old art used to create elaborative, intricate and exuberant high jewellery pieces. The colours are usually bright and vibrant. Such jewellery is more suitable for grand events.

The collection at GoldnStone is a trendy take over traditional art. We infused the soft hues of holi with brilliant diamonds to create a subtle assortment as perfect for daytime as it is for an evening party. From your traditional ensembles to summer dresses, these lovely pieces best compliment your versatile wardrobe. Moreover, the pop of colours with clean detailing fills you with positive energy and confidence. So don't stay back and choose anything from studs, charm bracelets, statement rings or decorative pendants for a colourful treat. 

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