Emerald Stud Earrings

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Emerald stud earrings are studs with high quality lush green emeralds that give a sparkling and pleasing impact. A stud with emeralds on it appears as if a gemstone or entity stuck on the earlobe. A stud earring is simple in style but when embellished with high grade cut emeralds of different cuts like round, oval, princess do give a complete and elegant look. For a party or traditional jewellery, a stud can be a perfect pick.

Emerald studs are gold, platinum sewn earrings that have embellishment soldered on one end of a post that passes across the ear. These are attractive jewel studded earrings that appear to be a emerald gemstone or entity stuck to the earlobe. Emerald studs can be decorated with different shaped splendid emeralds and dazzling small diamonds in charming and irresistible patterns such as lotus, square etc. to give an enticing jewel piece.

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