Emerald bangles

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A symbol of immortality, life and nature, emerald is certainly a magical gemstone. The green gem reflects opulence, and makes a luxury statement even in its simplest form. So, when you want to look incredible or need something extraordinary for your favorite woman, choose emerald. While pendants and earrings are more readily available in any collection, emerald bangles of high quality are rare. This makes them a unique accessory as well as desirable and commendable gift choice.

Emerald green is a luxury color, therefore best suitable for special occasions. That is why you can find more of emerald jewellery at night parties, grand events and royalty inspired galas. However, contemporary designs with subtle shine are a modest choice to wear during the daytime. Like this envious gemstone, the collection of emerald bangles at GoldnStone is versatile, vibrant and timeless. From traditional single line bangles to classic infinity inspired pieces and modern bypass bangles, we have a range of dramatic arm candies to suit your style for day or night.

If you like to don the queenly extravagance, choose a vintage inspired wrist charmer. However, the bangles featuring floral inspiration are also lovely to enjoy nature's abundance. You can even choose a multi-stone bangle to enjoy a play of colours. Every piece in this collection is fabulous and will remain a style icon forever.

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