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Trending heavily in the fashion world across the globe drop earrings are the new accessory for stylish starlets. We love to see what our favorite celebrities have worn on the sidewalks and on the red carpet. Along with their designer outfit we also don’t forget to zoom in and watch the accessories carried by them. Be it Hollywood stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Ashley Olsen, Andrea Brown, Angelina Jolie or our own favorites Aishwarya Rai Bachann or Katrina Kaif they all flaunt beautiful drops perfectly matching their gowns and dresses. Even on ramp and fashion weeks of Louis Vuitton and Tory Burch, Dolce and Gabnna or Lakme Fashion week-models carry these runaway version of earrings charmingly and boldly enhancing their perkier look.

Earrings are our favorite accessory –they seem like a small part of the whole appearance but without them our look is just fade and incomplete. Choice of your earring truly transforms your look.

These pretty baubles are not only meant for red carpets and black-tie affairs. As we have vast variety of drop earrings they are very much appropriate for after hour cocktail party, wedding ceremonies, jazzing up your denim look and party playfulness without overdoing your look. The key is to wear them with adequate hairstyle in order to showcase your dazzling gems.

Drop earrings gel very well with all kinds of outfits. Be it an evening gown or an ethnic dress. Transfusing a stunning look within the subtle look of your formals drop earrings create a perfect blend. 

The Red Heart earring is a pair of classic and sophisticated ruby sparklers. The ruby floral pattern gives you a ravishing yet elegant look.

Another stunning piece is the Radiant Charm Emerald Earring .These Emerald stones create a dramatic statement without over shadowing your appearance.

The Emerald nibbits, cool meadows and emerald princess along with diamond pearl and, gold and pearl earrings are some of the perfect hangings for office parties and general outgoings.

Now that we have talked about the most important accessory in completing your look and the latest trend, finally you are all set to pick a pair of drop earrings. Just scroll through the massive collection available on our website with wide range of stones and diamonds to choose from. Be a celebrity and flaunt your own style statement


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