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Want to add some life to your wardrobe? Get gemstone dangle earrings. With so many style variations, they are definitely a fashion treat for every woman. Technically, danglers or drops are earrings that are not hugged to your ear lobes but move freely with your facial movement. Mostly elongated, they can be short, wide and bold. Unique and timeless, dangling earrings at GoldnStone are available in versatile designs and styles. Whether you prefer pieces with bold vivacity or something elegant, consider a pair of dangle drop earrings to suit your taste. With them, it's easy to transit from formals to casuals.

If your face is round, choose longer pieces such as our splendid ruby danglers or stretched emerald earrings to give an edge to your face. Short hanging earrings with certain geometric shape gives long face a fuller look while earrings that are medium to long with rounded edges are best for square faces.

Once a must-have choice for special occasions such as wedding, danglers are now more popular than ever as an everyday essential. It is because they best compliment any face shape, looks exotic, and works well for all occasions. With vibrant colored gemstones, and exquisite metal detailing, our dangling earrings are a delight to behold forever.


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