Cluster Rings

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As it is quite clear by the term, cluster is a conglomeration of something and thus Cluster rings are the ones which have a panicle of gems arranged in a particular fashion. This setting is the pivot of the band. Visually from a distance, the bunch looks like a single huge stone.

The main distinction between cluster rings and single gemstone bands is that the conglomeration is a bunch of small size stones which are light in terms of their weight. However, the central stone can be sizeable as compared to the ones surrounding it. This is the main reason why the bundled arrangement makes the stone look bigger than the solo one.

You will usually find diamonds arranged in these bands. Different types of bands in this category include simple band, the diamond band, princess conglomeration band, yellow gold conglomeration band, radiant colour conglomeration band, etc.

Significance of these bands depends on their usage. For instance if they are exchanged during wedding ceremony, they depict the lifelong relationship between two people. 

Talking about the cost of these bands, the troupe of stones may help them look enormous as compared to their equivalents. But, the weight of the small stones might have an influence over the cost.

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