Citrine Pendants

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The citrine pendants at GoldnStone exude an aura of sophistication no other accessory could offer. They are perfect to add a hint of dazzle to your look, works effortlessly to transit your style from day to night and even complement your festive fashion.


About Citrine

The bright and warm hues of citrine are associated with intellect, logic and optimism. This birthstone for November is a fascinating gem that represents the warmth and glow of sun. The gem is popular as the 'stone of success' as it is believed to bring success and prosperity. A significant gift for birthday, citrine jewellery also celebrates 13th wedding anniversary.


Citrine Pendants


The beauty, affordability and availability of this yellow quartz make it a practical choice to add to your exotic collection. We have handpicked the stones and created countable designs that can instantly add glamour to any style. Every piece in our collection is thoughtfully designed to enhance the grace, elegance and timeless appeal of this vibrant gemstone. The fact that citrine compliments every skin tone and any style, makes our classy pieces more desirable. Choose a vibrant solitaire for a sophisticated allure or a fun piece for a chic look. Our mesmerizing designs with radiant citrines make a must-have selection that every woman desires.

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