Citrine Earrings

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One of the most sought after gemstones, citrine is a lemon yellow coloured gem. Birthstone of November, its colour ranges from yellow to golden yellow. A variety of quartz, this gem is fondly used in all forms and styles of jewellery but the attraction and charisma of citrine earrings supersedes others. Juicy yellow colour and star like sparkle adds an element of sophistication and grace to the personality of the wearer.

Talking about various styles of these blazing yellow gemstone ear accessories, studs, drop earrings, chandeliers and hoops as the most loved ones. Wear citrine stud earrings and bring a pop of colour to your regular and monotonous outfits. Easy availability and pocket friendly cost will make this jewellery ensemble as an essential one in your wardrobe. Citrine drop earrings go well when you desire to create an impressive and unique style statement. Bright yellow citrine chandelier earrings are for those women who think out of the box and want to make their presence worth cherishing. The dance of your ear accessories with every neck movement will serve as a perfect reminiscence of your immaculate jewellery taste for all the onlookers.

Like most of other gems from the gemstone kingdom, citrine too is a stone that can easily be cut into your favourite shape and size. If you are looking forward to buying citrine earrings online, then do explore our exclusively designed collection of the same. You will come across some mind boggling designs which will be an ideal choice to represent your individuality and personify your dazzling glamour.

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