Celtic rings

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Celts certainly had rich and vibrant culture that's best expressed through various signs and symbols. Inspired by illustrative artwork and manuscripts of medieval Ireland, Scotland and Wales, the symbols in traditional or contemporary forms have long been used in jewelry. The Book of Kell, an illuminated gospel from the year 800 is another illustrative source of inspiration for most Celtic jewelry artisans.

Endless knots, looping braids, Celtic crosses, traditional Irish blessings and shamrocks, all have distinctive style and unique symbolism that make Celtic jewelry a favored choice of people across the globe. However, the one thing that truly speaks Irish jewelry is Celtic knot rings.

The collection of Celtic rings at GoldnStone especially features Celtic knots or 'Triquetra', a three cornered knot symbol that has no beginning or end. Carefully crafted in precious metal, the knots have been used in classic as well as modern forms that make them so desirable. The knots in combination with shimmering diamonds and colored gemstones create a celestial look that is sure to win your heart forever.

As Celtic knots refer to the interconnectedness of mind, body and soul, or to the Holy Trinity, our Celtic rings are a serene choice to express your emotions or your belief in life and eternity. 

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