Bangles and bracelets are an integral part of every jewellery collection. With an impeccable style and everlasting appeal, they reflect your personal style and instantly catch attention. Since these wrist charmers are powerful enough to elevate any look as well as considered auspicious, they are an excellent gift choice to cherish life's most beautiful moments.

If you need an elegant and sparkling arm candy to give your everyday style an instant makeover or you want some over-the-top gift inspirations, the collection of bracelets and bangles at GoldnStone will surely move you. There is a piece for every moment - casual, formal or special.

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Choose anything from diamonds, rubies or emeralds. The precious stones in most compelling settings create piece that are impossible to overlook.

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Eternity, half eternity or motif bracelets, whatever you prefer, we have them all. From single line bangles to secured oval bracelets featuring exquisite patterns, our collection has a style to suit every personality.

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Floral bangles are all the rage these days. Most women want eternity diamond bangles in floral patterns. Considering the high demand, we have created a range of brilliant and bewitching floral piece that are hard to find elsewhere.

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