Asbah-Natural Pearl Jewellery

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Glorious and glamorous, the Asbah - Natural Pearl Collection at GoldnStone is beyond the regular style jewellery. With this collection, our talented designers have redefined 'pearl jewellery'. The pieces featured here are contemporary and unique yet timeless. Luxurious and graceful, bold and jazzy, strong and inspiring - the Asbah collection represents the many facets of womanhood. Elegantly carved and coiled, the designs are great for every scenario from cosmopolitan to personal.

Why choose Pearls?

"Pearls are always appropriate." There is hardly any woman who will be disagreed with Jackie Kennedy. In fact, this ultimate gift from seas is considered the gem of queens. Whether it is the rarity, eternal grace or timeless beauty, pearl jewellery has been an integral part of every jewellery collection. Queen Elizabeth II, Late Maharani Gayatri Devi, Coco Chanel, Angelina Jolie or Michelle Obama, all these powerful and influential women love pearls. In fact, the organic gem makes an inescapable part of their collection.

Moreover, natural pearls are unique and pure. It needs great luck to find two similar pieces. The time and efforts put in finding these treasures further increase their value, thus making them a spectacular representative of eternal beauty and luxury.

When you need a sophisticated accessory for both evening and daytime elegance, browse our exquisitely handcrafted collection of finest pearl jewellery. You will surely love it!

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