Amethyst Pendants

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Purple, the colour flaunting the beauty of creativity, wisdom, dignity and peace is abundantly available in amethyst gemstone. This unique colour is a fantastic mix of blue and red and is often associated with royalty, nobility, power and luxury. Amethyst jewellery, in particular, amethyst pendants are an ideal way to incorporate this delightful hue in your outfit style on everyday basis.

Small and big, floral or spiritual; our large world of online amethyst pendants is full of wonderful designs which will definitely make you fall in love at the first sight. Our innovative designers and skilled craftsmen have brought forth some of the most unique designs which are fit to be worn with everyday office wear as well as a long awaited wedding party or a date night. This gemstone has a classy appearance and has a dazzling effect when combined with other coloured gemstones and/or especially diamonds.

Whether you are selecting amethyst and diamond necklace for yourself or as a gift to a special woman in your life, make sure to study her preferences minutely and choose a design that best suits her personality and work style. Pick a gold amethyst necklace displaying a beautiful blooming flower or a well posed dancing girl; your choice will be appreciated. If she is more interested in religion and spiritual practices, you can present her a pendant splurging out her sacred symbols like our ‘Diamond Khanda Pendant’, ‘The Bismillah Pendant’, etc. If the person receiving the jewellery gift is a little baby, gifting her designs like ‘Colour Tub Ice Cream Pendant’ or ‘Free To Live Pendant’ will be an ideal choice. For those women who are ardent lovers of pearls, we have ‘Pearl Harbour Amethyst Pendant’.

Our creatively designed array of purple pendants will offer you a perfect choice according to your every need and mood. Easy order placements, free shipping and lifetime return policy will give you additional reasons to smile.

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