FAQ'S: Registration

Is the registration necessary before purchasing gemstones?

The registration process is required to expedite the current and future transactions with us. Once this is done, the customer is not required to provide some necessary details (like contact details, etc.) again during the transaction and each time thereafter.


I have forgotten my password. What can I do to reset it?

In case you have forgotten your password, need to just provide the email address (used at the time of first registration) and click on the link of Forgot Password. The automated system will generate a new passwordand will sendit to you immediately. Once you login with the new password, kindly change it to a new one.


       Can the personal details be edited at a later stage?

Yes, this can be done. You can click on your name shown at the top of the screen to view / edit your details. Once details are updated, click on Submit.


             Are the personal details shared with me secured?

      All personal details provided at the time of registration are secured under the privacy policy. Refer to the policy mentioned on the ‘Terms and Conditions’ page.

FAQ'S: Prices / Payments:

What are the various options available on website for payment?

You can make the payments via debit, credit card, net banking, PayPal and even via an offline way. Refer to the “Payment Policy” mentioned on the ‘Terms and Conditions’ page.


How is the payment process via online work?

Once you enter the details the online page is redirected to the authorized bank website. Once the authorization is confirmed by the bank, the payment is deemed complete and a notification will be received by you soon.


While making the online transaction, it shows the message that the transaction is refused. What are the reasons for it?

In case you face such an issue, it means that the bank is not able to authorize the transaction. The reasons may be:

• The card details entered are not correct (may be a typo error).

• The account / credit card does not contain enough balance to make the desired payment.

In such situation, kindly contact the authorized bank for clarifications/ corrections.


On the website it shows “Transaction Failed”, however, I have received a confirmation from bank that money is deducted. What should be done in this case?

Immediately send an email to support@goldnstone.com with details of your order / transaction ID and the amount of transaction done. We will closely look into the matter and organise a refund once the confirmation of such is received from the bank.


What are offline payments and are there any additional charges for it?

We provide a free of additional cost offline payment facility to our customers in which you can make the payment either on receipt of order or via a cheque or demand draft. Refer to the “Payment Policy” mentioned on the ‘Terms and Conditions’ page for more information.


How can I cancel my order in case it is placed via off-line mode?

You need to immediately send an email to our customer support helpdesk - support@goldnstone.com with order details. You need to note here that the orders can only be cancelled if not shipped. Once the order shipping is done no cancellations will be accepted.


I checked and ordered one jewellery item a month back and got delivered also. Now on the website I found a similar design and specification, butat a lower cost. Do the prices differ customer to customer?

The price you see on the website is calculated on the basis of the current cost of precious metals and gems in the open market. In certain situations the price might change due to some offers or company’s discretion without any prior notifications. For more information and details, is this regard, do write to our helpdesk - support@goldnstone.com accompanied with your contact number so that our customer delight team can contact you and resolve your concerns.

FAQ'S: International Shipping to Customers

Which countries are currently catered by GNS?

Currently we provide services to USA, UK, Canada and Australia.


Are there any additional charges for International Orders?

The shipping charges will depend on the type of order and the country to which it is getting delivered to. You can find the details while ordering the product online.


What should be the mode of payment for placing international orders?

You should possess a PayPal account for placing international orders.


Can the goods be exchanged /returned in case of International orders?

No, the goods cannot be exchanged / returned in this case. This facility is only available in case of domestic orders.



FAQ'S: Order Delivery

Can I check the order status?

Yes. If you have registered with us, you can track the orders by clicking on the “Order History” link at the top of the page.


What is the surety that the ordered package will be delivered securely?

Delivering the orders on time and intact is our priority. We provide a transit insurance till the package is delivered at its destination.


Do I need to pay any additional delivery charges?

We do not charge any additional cost for delivery within the country (Domestic Orders). However, for international orders these charges are applicable.


Can I get a package delivered in India even if I stay at an international location?

Yes, we have this provision with us. However, you need to provide the identity of a person (who will also receive the order) having a valid identity issued by central or state government. Refer to the “Delivery and Shipping Terms” mentioned on the ‘Terms and Conditions’ page for more information.


If at the time of delivery I am not present to receive, what will happen.

In case you are not at home, not to worry. The courier company will attempt thrice to deliver the package. In case of the third failed attempt, the package will be returned to the company.


I received my order in a tempered state. What should I do?

Customers are requested not to accept any package in a tempered / damaged state. In such a situation, you can open it and check the quantity. In case you are still not satisfied, send an email to - support@goldnstone.com detailing the order and contact details and one of our customer delight team will contact you as soon as possible and guide you further.

FAQ'S: Refund / Buy Back

How will I receive the refund?

In case of a failed transaction the amount will be refunded back to your card or account within 7 working days (from the date of confirmation of order failure). In other cases, the amount can be refunded to the bank bank account details provided within 7 working days. In such situations we will require a cancelled cheque from the customer of the bank to which the NEFT transfer is to be done.


It’s been 7 days and I have yet not received the refund. How will I know where it is stuck?

We always keep our customers updated on the status of the refund. In case the refund is not received within 7 days you send an email to our customer delight team at – support@goldnstone.com and we will investigate and resolve this matter as a matter of urgency. One of our team members will also give you a call for gathering / providing further information.


Can I sell my old jewellery?

We do not buy back all sorts of jewellery items and only deals in Solitaire Diamond Jewellery in this regards. In the situations you want to sell such a jewellery item we tend to offer a price upto 85% of the market value at the time of such transaction. Refer to the “Buy Back” policy mentioned on the ‘Terms and Conditions’ page for more information.


Can I exchange my purchased jewellery with another one?

Yes, the jewellery item purchased from GoldnStone can be exchanged within 30 days from the date of purchase. The customer is requested to provide all relevant documents regarding the jewellery and intact accessories that were present at the time of purchase at the time of exchange. Refer to the “30 Day Exchange” policy mentioned on the ‘Terms and Conditions’ page for more information.